Storybrooke welcomes the Evil Queen

Lana Parrilla

We are pleased to welcome Lana Parrilla to Storybrooke in April 2016. Lana plays Regina Mills/Evil Queen in Once Upon a ...

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Storybrooke Upgrades

There are a limited number of upgrades remaining for Storybrooke, details here: To order upgrades please follow the instructions ...

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Shaun Sipos for Insurgence 8

Shaun Sipos

We are pleased to announce that Shaun Sipos who was originally scheduled to appear at Insurgence 7 but had to cancel ...

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Kathryn Newton joins us at Asylum 15

Kathryn Newton

We are pleased to welcome Kathryn Newton to Asylum 15, Kathryn plays Claire Novak on CW’s Supernatural tv show. Kathryn Newton is best ...

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2nd Guest for Storybrooke

sean maguire

We are pleased to announce Sean Maguire is our second guest for Storybrooke. Sean plays Robin Hood on Once Upon ...

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1st Guest for Storybrooke

rebecca mader

We are pleased to announce Rebecca Mader is our first guest for Storybrooke. Rebecca plays the Zelena/Wicked Witch on Once ...

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Tom Lenk is our 3rd guest for Prophecy

Tom Lenk

We are pleased to welcome Tom Lenk as our 3rd guest for Prophecy our Buffy and Angel convention in 2016. Tom Lenk is known for his ...

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