Insurgence 9: Michael Malarkey

Michael Malarkey - Insurgence 9

Our next guest for Insurgence 9, our final event for fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, is Michael ...

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Storybrooke 2 final post

Hi The registration time emails have been sent for this event, if you do not have an order complete email ...

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Event Ticket Update

We thought we should do a quick update on remaining numbers for our 2017 events: Reapers Lot, under 200 tickets ...

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Postponement of Die Zombie Die

It is with regret we must postpone our Die Zombie Die event, we have been working for months on guests ...

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Storybrooke 2 Guest announcement

Storybrooke 2 Convention

We are pleased to announce that Sage Brocklebank and Catherine Haggquist will be appearing at Storbrooke 2 next weekend. We ...

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Photo Op Printing Guarantee

After spending months working on the system and investing in new equipment/printers etc we are pleased to offer the following ...

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Rogue Events Expo 2017


We are pleased to announce we will be holding our 1st and only Expo in 2017. It will be held ...

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To all Guest Events attendees

Dear GuestEvent attendees, It was a shock to all of us at Rogue Events when we heard about the sudden ...

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