Asylum #18: Misha Collins

Misha Collins - Asylum 18

We are pleased to announce that Misha Collins is returning to Asylum! Fan favorite star of the long running show Supernatural ...

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Insurgence 9: Ian Somerhalder returns

Ian Somerhalder - Insurgence 9

Insurgence #9 would not be a last hurray, without everybodies favorite TV bad-boy  Ian Somerhalder. We are excited to announce, that Ian has ...

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Update City of Heroes #2 jpgs


We have made all the pictures, which were previously uploaded to, available again. As stated earlier, the City of ...

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Die Zombie Die – David Anders

David Anders - Die Zombie Die

We are very excited to bring you the first iZombie guest for Die Zombie Die: David Anders. David plays the ...

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Wolfsbane #4 – Gideon Emery

Gideon Emery - WolfsBane 4

We are pleased to announce, that Gideon Emery is joining us for WolfsBane #4 in London later this month. Gideon ...

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