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Convention FAQ

How can I keep updated with your events?

While we try to update the website as much as possible it is sometimes easier for us to update a social web page first followed by the website later therefore we suggest you join one or more of the following social websites to keep up to date as possible with our events: Facebook | Twitter

Rules on posting on our twitter and Facebook pages
You may have noticed a quick revamp of our website over the last weekend with references to certain tv shows removed. We ask you not to mention any TV shows or characters played by actors on our Facebook page. If you are referring to one of our unofficial conventions please use the convention name only.

How much does it cost to attend one of your Conventions?
All information regarding Convention Tickets can be found on the relevant homepage of each event.

What kind of tickets do you offer?
We currently offer ONE type of ticket for most of our conventions, the basic package we call Emerald, we also offer discount bundles of extras such as photographs and autographs these are called Diamond Upgrades, on rare occasions we may change the contents of your discount package due to unexpected circumstances; for example by reducing the number of autographs if a guest cancels but the package will still always remain cheaper than if you bought the basic package and items separately. Please note tickets/packages are Non-Refundable.

Is accommodation included?
The ticket price does not include accommodation. We provide more information on hotel rooms on the event websites, please use the left hand side links on the convention website you would are attending.

How about refunds?
Strictly NO refunds are given for any of our events unless the event is cancelled. Excluding the cooling off period. (Opens in new window). Please DO NOT ask for a refund. If you have any doubts that you cannot attend the event then please do not book tickets unless you are happy and 100% read the terms & conditions which state NO REFUNDS PERMITTED.

Can I get a Refund if a guest or guests I want to see cancels?
All guests appear subject to work commitments. If you book for a certain guest please be aware that you will NOT get a refund if that particular guest withdraws.

What about if Rogue Events cancels/changes the date of the event?
In the event of cancellation of the event, Rogue Events will refund only the value of the package you paid us. If for any reason an event has to change dates you will be offered tickets for the new dates or alternatively the option to change your ticket to another event that is being held.

What are the ages for Children?
Children must be aged 16 or under at time of event to qualify for a Child rate ticket. Children Under 7 can come in FREE with a paying adult, but does not include autographs from the actors attending the event. If autographs are required then they must buy a Child Ticket. Children aged 15 and 16 can attend without an adult as long as they have written permission from their parents or guardian. Hotels may have a policy on children staying in bedrooms alone so it is best to contact them directly and find out if children can stay in a room without an adult.

Do I get some sort of ticket for what I have bought?
E-TICKETS: We do not send out tickets via the post, instead we will send an E-Ticket usually two weeks before the event, please check your spam folder or add a rule to allow emails from Rogue Events. This will have all the information we need to process your registration such as your badge number and group letter. You need to bring the E-Ticket and some proof of ID such as a Driving License or household bill, if you have no printer then a smart phone with an email client showing the E-Ticket will also be accepted. If you have not received an E-Ticket then along with the your Order form and ID you will also need to bring proof of payment there will be a special desk for you to attend.

E-VOUCHERS: We do not send out Photo op tickets via the post, instead we will send an E-Voucher, these are separate to your E-Ticket. An E-Voucher is your photo-op tickets. It will have all the information we need for you to collect your pre-paid photo ops from the E-Voucher collection station after you have registered and got your badge etc. If you have not received an E-Voucher then along with the your Order form and ID you will also need to bring proof of payment there will be a special desk for you to attend.

PLEASE make sure you give us a working EMAIL address when you order. IMPORTANT we send confirmations with your badge number to the email address on the order form.

How do I pay for my tickets/autographs/photo sessions?
Payment is by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Postal Order or Cash. Sorry we cannot take payment through Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. PAYMENT SHOULD BE MADE WITHIN 7 DAYS OF ORDERING ONLINE.

Cash should be sent to the address below by Special Delivery Only. Cheques/Postal Orders should be made payable to ‘WCM Events Limited’ and in £ Sterling (GBP) only then sent along with a print out of your order to:
WCM Events Ltd (Rogue Events)
Office 1 Northgate House
Plough Road
Great Bentley

UK Online Banking send as a ‘Bill Payment’ and follow any instructions your bank gives you, when asked enter the following details:

Pay to WCM Events Limited
Sort code 40-39-04
Account number 51690876
Reference: This is your RC Order Number for example RC00001.

European Union Online Banking or your country uses the Euro as it’s currency, Follow instructions your bank gives you when asked enter the following details:
Account Name WCM Events Limited
IBAN GB28MIDL40390451690876

Reference: This is your RC Order Number for example RC00001.

You will need to convert the amount from POUNDS (£) into EUROS (€) using an online converter such as before paying through bank transfer.

IMPORTANT: Depending on your bank and the country you live in your bank may charge you for this service.
Customers wishing to buy who do not live in the UK or Europe please email us for payment options.
Some banks may require the address of the bank this is below:
RM1 3AF.

Do you offer Part Payments?
Due to abuse of the part payment system we have had to withdraw this facility.

I cancelled but still got a confirmation letter what should I do?
As we have accurate records of who has actually paid and who has not, if you did turn up you would not be allowed in unless you paid on the door. Therefore the registration number would have been cancelled and be invalid.

I’ve never been to a convention before how do they work? Let’s face it we’ve all been newbies once so here’s a little information on what to expect from the weekend.

What time is Registration?

This normally starts at around 1pm on Friday and 7am on Saturday, we will get through the registration process as soon as possible, what really helps is if you remember your 2nd email, the one with your Badge Number/Group Letter and take notice of any instructions given to you on the day. Registration is usually divided into times depending on your badge number.

When you register at the events you will be given your convention booklet, registration badge,  wristband and autograph ticket along with any pre-ordered autograph and photo session tickets. Please ensure that your badge can be seen at all times or you may be refused entry to certain areas of the convention. Keep your autograph card safe; if you lose it, we are unable to replace it. There is a schedule for you to refer to, with times and locations of events. There is a lot to pack in over the weekend and we would hate for you to miss something.

What are the Event Times?
On both days the event starts with a brief introduction on stage, we advise you attend this each day so if there are any changes you will be informed of them before the event starts. The first batch of events usually begins at 9.15am. The show will run all day with and we aim to finish approximately at 6.30pm. On Sunday a photo call and goodbyes with actors sometimes takes place.

What Activities will be on?
Throughout the day there will be sessions of the following activities;

Guest Talks and Q&A
Autograph Panels
The Lounge
Photo Studio Room
Merchandise Room
Evening Entertainment

Do I get any FREE Autographs?
Inside your convention pack you will find an ‘Autograph Sheet’. This sheet is the only way to obtain your FREE autographs. Upon entry to the signing zone please have your items ready for signing, if you want a dedication why not write this on a post it note to make it easier for the guest. The steward on hand will take your autograph sheet for the guest/s you want to see entitling you to obtain your free autographs. You can buy extra autographs from the Ticket Office. Autographs are called in GROUP LETTER look for the large A1 Flip Charts and on-screen Announcements. Only go up when your LETTER has been called. Please do not pose for photographs as this slows down the queue, think of the other attendees waiting in line behind you!

Please Note: While we try to get everyone through we can not guarantee a FREE autograph from each guest.

What is ‘The Lounge’?
The Lounge tickets are on sale from the Ticket Office. You may only purchase lounge tickets when you have registered for the event and have your convention badge and wristband. Not all guests will be doing a lounge session which is why we do not pre-sell the tickets before the event.

The Lounge is a prime opportunity for you to get up close to the guests, usually there are no more than 40 people in this room, unlike in a large hall with 1000 plus attendees! Ask the questions you want, get a direct response from the actors! We have also removed the tables and chairs so it is less like a boardroom, instead we will have chairs in a circle. The Lounge will last around 20 or 30 minutes. Sorry no children under 10 are allowed in the coffee lounge sessions. Please note recording of the coffee lounge sessions is strictly prohibited! Lounge tickets range in prices depending on the guest appearing. Occasionally we may raffle tickets for certain guests attending the event.  This was certainly the case for the main leads of the shows. This we feel is a fairer way for attendees to be able to interact with the main guests and ensures the safety of all so there are no stampedes for the few tickets available.  It’s also a great way to raise funds for charity.

Can I have my photo taken with a guest and how does it work?
We all like souvenirs from a day out, either at the beach, on holiday or when visiting a theme park. As such at our events we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to have your photo taken by a professional photographer. The Photo Studio is a prime opportunity for you to get a high quality colour print with your favourite actors. You can buy Photo Studio Tickets from the Ticket Office or via email when available. Many photo sessions will be planned for over the weekend. Please make sure you know when and where they are being held, and that you make every effort to attend any photo session you have booked.

Photo Studio Sessions will be called in GROUP letter order, until your group is announced please do not queue as this causes congestion and makes it difficult for us to control crowds. Tickets are non-transferable between sessions. If you miss your allotted session, you may lose your opportunity to have your photo taken with the guest. If you are in the autograph session at the time of your photos, it is advised that you leave that session when possible, go to the photo studio who will endeavour to put you through quickly, before returning to the autograph room.

Our photo studio staff are all extremely experienced and will ensure that announcements are made around the event so that you know what is happening. Please note, “final call” means you have very little time to arrive at the photo studio, and you run the risk of the session closing. If you do miss a session inform a member of the photo studio staff immediately, who will advise you what to do next.

From July 2013 we will be uploading photos from future and previous events for you to buy as digital downloads or reprints.
VERY IMPORTANT: Photo images on the website can not be saved by right clicking and the large view has a watermark covering almost 80% of the photo. However we understand some people may still wish not to have their photo included on the website, you can request it to be removed, please use the contact page on the Rogue Events Digitals website ONLY make sure you give us the correct DSC or JPEG number.

Please Note: The photos are printed on 10×8 paper and will be ready for collection by the end of the event, you need to collect your photo at the event. Any uncollected photos will not be posted out. 

How do I pay for photo and autograph sessions at the event?
Unfortunately we may not have the facilities to be able to take credit cards on the weekend so all purchases will be made by cash or cheque (cheque guarantee card is necessary). The hotel does have an ATM machine in the hotel lobby however be aware that this does take a charge and frequently runs out during the weekend. There are additional ATM’s at the train station and airport a short distance from the hotel.

What is a sponsored guest?
A sponsored guest is a guest which does not fall under your standard convention or some types of upgrade tickets, it is our way of bringing more guests to an event by securing sponsorship to help pay for the guest. You usually do not receive autographs or photo ops from sponsored guests unless you buy them at the event. However every guest attending will do stage talks so you still get to see them and can queue up to ask questions if you do decide not to buy extra autographs or photo ops for sponsored guests. We will always have a minimum of four guests per show but at the bigger events this can be more, check the guest pages for information on what guests are attending each event.

Is my seat numbered in the main hall?
We are trialling a reserved seating system due to popular demand; therefore if you have not purchased one of the reserved seats please refrain from sitting in these seats. You are able to sit freely anywhere else in the main hall except for the reserved seating area, please do not save seats for people unless they are popping out for a photo session or autographs. We will empty the main hall during the weekend when needed to so we can cool the hall down and reset for the next session. There will also be a small area reserved for disabled attendees.

What disabled facilities are there at your events?
We are pleased to announce that all the function rooms we are using within the hotels have access for wheelchairs. Please contact the hotel regarding disabled facilities in the bedrooms. We have arranged space towards the front of the stage talks for those attendees who have wheelchairs or find it difficult to move around unassisted. There are no strobe effects during the stage talks however there are short intro videos and flash photography at the beginning of the stage talks which may affect some attendees who suffer from epilepsy & other visual light stimulation effects. We don’t offer discounts on our event tickets however if someone needs assistance to attend the event then please email us to discuss further options. Use this link for further information on Attendees with a disability.

Can I bring a camera or a video to take pictures of the guests during the talks?
You can bring a camera to take pictures during the talks however, you may use flash photography for the first 5 minutes of each guest talk, then there will be an on-screen notice that you stop.  You may still continue to take photos of the talk but it must be without the flash.  If you continue to use flash photography, Rogue Events reserve the right to confiscate your camera until after that talk has finished. Please note that Video or Audio recording of the event is NOT permitted at any of our events in the Main Hall or where ever there are Guest Talks. If you are found to be recording the event you will be ejected from the event without a refund. This includes streaming the event on the internet.

Please note with regards to the DVDs we sell of the conventions from our online store, under no circumstances are you allowed to distribute the footage on YouTube or any other video hosting website. Anyone found to be doing this will be dealt with as strongly as possible within the law. You will be banned from all events run by Rogue Events and any other conventions we are involved with permanently. 

Asking Questions during the stage talks?
You will have an opportunity to ask the guests questions during the guest talks however we ask that you ask interesting and appropriate questions, and not engage in conversations with them.  Please do not ask for hugs or whether you can give the guest a gift etc.

I want to give the guest a gift, when can I do this?
You may give the guests gifts however please remember to try to keep these small as guests may not want to carry back large and bulky presents. Gifts may be given to the staff member during the autograph session. They must be unwrapped and given to the guest assistant sitting with each guest. In the interest of health and safety we ask that you do not give either food or drink.

What to do in the evenings or in other word’s When Can I PARTY!!!
Each evening there is a themed disco for you all to party at. On occasion there may be live music (extra cost) and this will be announced on the website and shown on the schedule. The themes for each party will be announced on the forums, websites, Facebook etc and also on the schedule.

Finally our staff will be visible throughout the weekend by lanyard and will try to help you with any queries you may have. Abuse towards the staff will not be tolerated.  Please remember they are volunteers and work long hours during the event.  These people are fans like you, and are here to help make the event a success. If a member of staff asks you to do something, move along corridors etc please do so as quickly as possible. There will be a good reason for this so please help the staff out.

If you have read the above and you still can not find an answer then you can email us we aim to reply within 3 working days.