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Convention Tips


Want to have the best possible time at a convention. Here are some useful tips and a few links for you to read!

  • We suggest that you wear comfortable shoes; there may be lots of standing in queues for photo and auto sessions.
  • Carry with you snacks and bottles of water, it can get very hot in the main hall and various areas of the convention.
  • Know where everything is in the hotel, use the map and schedule we give you in the convention pack.
  • Above all please listen to and take notice of any instructions given to you on the day.
  • Join our live twitter feed when at a convention to get regular updates.
  • And in 2007 Wil Wheaton (Most famous for his role in Stand by Me and as Wesley Crusher from Star Trek TNG) posted this article on attending Conventions, be it as an attendee or as an attending guest. It’s a very good read and we strongly recommend it to everyone.