Zendesk (FAQ)

Support TicketIntroducing Zendesk our beta support desk and knowledge base.

The support ticket can be activated by using the tab on the right. It will ask you to type a question and then it will search our knowledge base for the answer. If no answer is found or you still need help then you can complete a support ticket.

How does it work?

  • Anybody can send a ticket as long as they register first. After submitting your first ticket, the ticket is suspended and a welcome email is sent to the new user requiring them to register before the ticket can be submitted.
  • After the user verifies their email address and creates a password, the ticket is released.

Support tickets will be answered within 72 hours, you can send a ticket at any time. Replies are most likely to come during the following times and days but will vary do not send a second ticket if you have not had a reply

  • 6.00pm to 10.00pm – Monday to Friday
  • 10.00am to 6.00pm – Weekends and Bank Holidays

What is the support ticket for?

  • general enquiries not covered by the knowledge base 
  • to say thank you (we like these)
  • or to raise an issue (we don’t like these, but things can go wrong)

A few important rules before you send a support ticket

  • Try the knowledge base first
  • do not send abusive support tickets
  • do not ask for a refund (see our terms and conditions)
  • do not send multiple support tickets if you do not get a quick answer
  • do not ask for payment confirmations (we match up payments throughout the month)
  • do not ask about e-tickets, support desk agents do not have access to any payment details and the e-ticket list.
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